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2nd June 2019
Registration and Procedures

Registration on the Day

All registration is at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School.
Full Yomp: From 07.00 onwards.
Half Yomp: From 08.00 onwards.
Short Yomp: From 10.00 to 11.00.

Check-out Procedure

After obtaining your race number you will be fitted with an Si timing ‘card’ fastened to your wrist.  You will activate this in a timing box to start your race. You will check your card, or ‘dibber’ at principal check points during the race, and again when you finish.

Start Times

Full Yomp: Walkers start between 08.00 and 09.00. Runners start between 09.00 and 10.00.
Half Yomp: Walkers start between 09.00 and 10.00. Runners start between 09.30 and 10.00.
Short Yomp:  All entrants start on arrival at Tailbridge after registration and a bus ride up the hill.

Transport for short course yompers

Transport (Classic coach) is available to take Short Course Yompers from Kirkby Stephen Grammar School to their start point at Tailbridge.  NB. capacity is limited and not guaranteed – you may have to use your own transport to get to the start!

Course Way Marking

The courses are waymarked with flags at an average of 100m intervals.

Check points: locations

There are a total of 14 checkpoints with water provided at Tommy Road, Aisgill Cottages, Tailbridge and Fell Gate. First Aid provided at all checkpoints.

Download Checkpoint Grid Refs (pdf)

Checkpoints: Latest Crossing Times

For safe management of the event we are obliged to fix the latest times for participants to pass through key roadside checkpoints.  Participants arriving late will be required to retire. Transport back to Kirkby Stephen will be arranged by Marshals at the relevant check points.

Full Yomp:  CP1 (Tommy Road) 11.15.  CP4 (Aisgill Cottages) 14.00.  CP8 (Tailbridge) 16.30
Half Yomp:  CP3 (Mallerstang Road crossing) 11.00. CP8 (Tailbridge) 16.30.

Check points beyond Tailbridge will be closed at the following times with no transport available:
Nine Standards: 17.30.  Fellgate: 18.00.  Race finish at KSGS: 18.30

Mountain Rescue

Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team is on standby.  Radio or mobile phone contact is maintained from checkpoints to the Kirkby Stephen base.

Bad weather Alternative Routes

Less exposed alternative routes are prepared for use in case of adverse weather conditions or forecast.

Refreshments, Changing and Shower Facilities

A brew or soft drink and a bun are served free to all participants after the finish of their course.  There are also changing and shower facilities for competitors at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School.  If you are in need of more sustenance you may of course provide your own – or use one of the several excellent cafes nearby.


Landowners have given permission for the Yomp routes to cross their land on the day of the event only.  This restricted permission in no way constitutes agreement to any right of way.


1. Minimum age for entry on the Full Yomp is 18.
2. Under age entrants:  All entrants under 16 must obtain written permission to participate from their parent or guardian.  They must be accompanied throughout the event by a responsible adult participant authorised by their parent or guardian, with no more than four children with one adult.
3. Regret absolutely NO accompanying dogs allowed.
4. NO bikes or powered vehicles allowed.
5. Race numbers must be worn visibly throughout the race.
6. All checkpoints must be visited, in the correct sequence.  Si cards must demonstrate this for the course to be deemed completed.
7. Participants must carry their Si card with them throughout the Yomp, and return it after finishing or retiring. Loss of an Si Card WILL INCUR A REPLACEMENT CHARGE OF £30.
8. Anyone retiring or being timed out MUST notify a Marshal and hand in their Si Card.
9. Participants are required:
To carry an Outdoor Leisure OL 19 Explorer 1: 25000 map.
To carry compass and whistle
To wear suitable footwear and clothing for the day’s conditions, and carry spare clothing including full-body waterproofs. Checks may be carried out before and during the course of the race.
To carry emergency food
To observe the Country Code