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Yomp Mountain Challenge Routes
Full, Half and Short Yomp Courses

The interactive map below is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used a substitute for Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Series OL19 (scale 1:25000) Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley which Yompers are asked to use on the day.

Additional information on routes:

Course Distance miles (km) Ascent feet (m) Descent feet (m) Route Notes
Full (red) 23.0 (36.8) 3900 (1190) 3900 (1190) All routes are anticlockwise on map below
Half (blue) 11.5 (18.4) 1700 (518) 1700 (518) Joins full course at Tailbridge (Green flag)
Short (green) 6.25 (10.0) 550 (168) 1620 (494) Starts from Tailbridge (Green flag)
Flag Grammar School. Check-in point for all routes at start of day. Starting point for Main Yomp and Half Yomp. Finishing point for all routes.
Flag Tailbridge checkpoint. Starting point for Short Yomp. Transport is available for entrants to this point from the Grammar School.
Checkpoint Checkpoint. Click on marker for more details (map will jump around but this is unavoidable).